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Mouse with Candycane © 2008 Robyn Warne

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Fairy Drawing © 2008 Robyn Warne

Robyn's Free Painting Pattern Page

Please read this first!

Mouse drawing © 2008 Robyn Warne I really like sharing patterns!

Even though I know you are aware of copyright and how it applies to patterns offered to the public. I must state for the record what you may and may not do with my designs!

Copyright Notice

My patterns are for personal use.
You can paint items for gifts, or in small quantities for sale.

You may not reproduce the actual pattern or instructions for sale or redistribution.

Teachers can make one copy of the pattern per student - making sure my name and copyright notice are intact.

© 2011 Robyn Warne

Thanks so much! Now that's out of the way - lets paint!

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Star Baby Angels Ornament

Click to see Angel Ornament Designs
Designs for a Girl and a Boy Angel Ornament.
Instructions for 4 different skin tones!
Download Pattern.
Born 2 Shop Gift Card Holder

Born 2 Shop Free Painting Pattern ©2010 Robyn Warne
Painted on faux leather card holders.
Penguin Snow Globe Ornament

Penguin Snow Globe Ornament Pattern © 2009 by Robyn Warne
Painted on wood cutout.
Party Favor Ornaments

Party Favor Ornaments Pattern © 2009 by Robyn Warne
Painted on small glass ornaments.
Butterfly Ballerina Ornament

Butterfly Ballerina Ornament Pattern © 2008 by Robyn Warne
Painted on wood cutout.
Flower Fairy Ornament Pattern

Flower Fairy Ornament © 2007 Robyn Warne
Painted on wood cutout.
Sushi Ornament

Sushi Ornament Pattern © 2006 Robyn Warne
Painted on round wood ornament blank.
Sweetheart Bear Tag

Sweetheart Bear Tag © 2007 Robyn Warne
Painted on small wood tag.

Enlarged line drawings for painting on Memory Boxes:
Bear Holding Heart
Bear with Flowers
Bear with Heart Balloon
Birthday Bear Ornament

Birthday Bear Ornament Pattern © 2004 Robyn Warne
Painted on round porcelain bisque ornament blank.
Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs

Humpty Dumpty Easter Eggs Pattern © 2004 Robyn Warne
Painted on wood eggs and egg cups.